Estimating for and hanging curtains is direct as a rule and should be possible by anybody capable in Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Be that as it may, there are a few circumstances where utilizing an expert is fitting. These include:

  • Narrows windows
  • Opening windows; extremely tight, tall windows
  • Windows without adequate wall space over the window for a post/track
  • Windows without wall space or on one or the other side
  • Non-rectangular windows for example roundabout, three-sided,

However, for most circumstances you will utilize either a curtain track or shaft across a level rectangular window. So there are just two measurements of significance. While estimating utilize a durable metal measuring tape, have a soul level helpful to check whether posts, secure, floors and so forth are really level.

Estimating curtain drop

 CurtainsCurtain drop is the distance between the top and lower part of the texture in the completed curtain, and it relies upon the style of curtain heading, situating of the shaft or track and the place of the lower part of the curtain. While introducing a curtain post plan to situate it over the window with the goal that the highest point of the curtain texture is something like 10cm/4inches over the highest point of the window break.

  • Curtain Shafts with rings: when in doubt, the highest point of the curtain ought to be simply underneath the rings so measure the drop from the lower part of the ring.
  • Curtain post with eyelet curtains: In this present circumstance there are no curtain rings and the highest point of the curtain will be over the shaft. Measure the drop from the highest point of the shaft and add 3.5cm to aloe for how much curtain that will be over the post.
  • Curtain shafts with tab top curtains measure drop from the highest point of the post.
  • For all curtains you really want to choose where the base will wrap up:
  • Ledge length: the curtain ought to complete 1cm over the ledge yet note that this will give all the more light access to the room.
  • Beneath ledge length; frequently curtains finish part way between the ledge and a wall mounted radiator. Now and again they loom over the radiator adjust curtain length yet this channels warm air up in the background thus does not assist with keeping the room warm. Choose where you believe that the texture should end.
  • Full length; the curtain completes 1.5cm over the floor. This measurement needs accuracy on the grounds that many floors are not really level. Measure the drop from an introduced post or track in three places, the middle and to the left and right. Work with the littlest measurement however twofold check that the track or shaft is level. If all else fails really look at the incline of the floor.
  • Pooled; contrasted and full length curtains these typically have an extra 30cm/12 crawls of texture to pool onto the floor